Friday, October 20, 2006

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New version 2.5.2 ..!!!

The best FENIX collection.

more 70MB from samples and tools,

- 3D functions
- Examples
- Tools
- Links
- Docs
- and more...



(N)ew (U)pdate (E)rase (W)arning


= Rev 2.5.2
(U) Fenix "CVS 11/11/2006" compiler included. and source code too.
(U) Examples: Romano, strings
(U) Update examples and Dlls with fenix CVS version. thanks to JUAN
(W) M8ee (any bugs in bullets system, actually not fixed)
(U) FPAD in english

= Rev 2.5.1
(U) More examples: fire,
(E) Deleted system menu (in file explorer) Edit with.. Menu
(U) Pack Minor Fixes
(U) M8EE V0.3.1 (several bug fixes)

= Rev 2.5

* (U) M8ee v0.3 + update O3D tools (Thanks to SOD_THOR)
(U) More Examples: Paf, ark-4, epsilon,ScrollRPG,
tileengine, breakout, istappen, qwrite, scroollwithfenix2,
(U) Update docs
(N) Fpad PRG editor(work in win98/95)
(N) Installer now create a system menu (in file explorer)
with mouse right click. (Edit with ..)
(N) Fenix 084 compiler

= Rev 2.4
* (N) 3D Functions!!! , M8ee V0.2 + Basic Tools
* (U) Update docs.
* (N) Packator: Pack utility (include executable + data
in a single file), "file packed is created in the same executable's directory"
* (U) More Examples: GetDistance,Strategy2,keyboard,3D ,
KeyCombo,Effect_Sp_put,Mode7race,snow2, .

= Rev 2.3
* (U) Fenix Cvs.20.08.06
* (U) More cool fenix examples(ranking online,scrool,effects,..)
* (N) Fenix tutorial in spanish.
* (U) Update docs
* more..

= Rev 2.2
* (A) Fenix R04.05.2006
* (N) XplosionGen(Particles)
* (N) SpriteGen (3D models)
* (A) Charas(SprGen) new version included.
* (N) Image Editor (IDRAW and EAgraph).

= Rev 2.1
* (N) Fnt Edit in English
* (N) Basic Examples
* (N) Fpg Edit in English by default.

= Rev 1
* Original Idea by "Divnet Forum" and Pixel.